Eastern Shores School Board Sports Committee

Committee Members 2016-17

All schools in ESSB have the right to have a representative on the Committee.  In the last number of years, not all schools have sent a representative to the annual meeting.  ESSB is represented on the Committee by a Commissioner.  The following are members of the Eastern Shores School Board Athletic Committee because of their attendance at the annual meeting held in June of 2016:


Chairman:  Mr. Pat Drohan

New Richmond High School:  Mark Gallibois 

North Shore Rep:  Lavergne Fequet (QEHS)

New Carlisle High School:  Dave Douesnard and Chris Renouf

Gaspe Elementary School:  Colleen Drohan

Gaspe Polyvalent School:  Kerrilee Drohan 

ESSB Rep:  Ron Mundle (Commissioner)