Eastern Shores School Board Sports Committee


Host School:  Shigawake Port Daniel School


Convenor:   John Prince


Event:   Softball


Date:  June 1, 2017


Level:  Elementary (Cycles 2&3)      



Number of Participants:  180


Schools Participating:   Gaspe Elementary

                                      Belle Anse

                                      St. Pat’s

                                      Shigawake Port Daniel

                                      New Carlisle High School

                                      New Richmond High School

                                      Wejqwapniag School




Number of Teams (if applicable):  12


Time Event Began:  9:00 a.m.


Time Event Ended: 3:00 p.m.


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants):  A canteen operated by the staff of SPDS was open for the day to serve all students and supervisors (see attached menu).

Cafeteria Menu (Open all day)

                                                                  Mini Pizzas……….$1.00 each

Grilled Cheese……$1.00 each

Cheese Sticks……….$0.75

Yogurt tube……….$0.75


Juice (Can)……….$1.00

Water bottle……….$1.00


***All food must be eaten in the cafeteria.

***Schools are to follow “Healthy Schools” practices and students are asked not to arrive at SPDS with junk food. If any junk food is found, it will be confiscated.

***SPDS is a nut/fish-free school.



Activities Offered:  Basketballs, soccer balls and other play equipment were made available to students outside in designated areas, as well as the use of the basketball court and two large playgrounds. Inside, a pool table, a ping pong table, board games/lego/coloring and movie room was set up.


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:   No big challenges. This year everything seem to run smoothly!


Summary of Event:  The rain (usually a given on Softball day) held off! We had a record 180 students registered with 8 schools participating, but we were able to accommodate them all none-the-less using every square inch of the building (upstairs classrooms for personal belongings and downstairs for the canteen/games room).  There were no behavior problems or complaints. Thanks to our adult volunteer pitchers and back catchers the games ran smoothly and remained on time for the most part.


Recommendations:  I would recommend that SPDS continue to host the event for Cycles 2&3at SPDS in early June of next year. Due to safety concerns, caution tape should be used to rope off some areas of the field. As a school, if the funds allow, we are looking into building a dug-out (simple structure with a roof). This would serve two purposes: to keep players dry, if raining, while they wait to play and also provide a safe place for them to be off the field.





Host School: Evergreen High School


Convenors: Zak Likely & Ray Venables E


Event: Cross-country


Date: May 12, 2017


Level: Elementary ✓ Junior ✓ Senior ✓


Number of participants: 66


Schools participating: Belle-Anse, NCHS, NRHS, St. Patrick’s, Evergreen, Gaspe Poly


Number of teams: n/a


Time event began: 9:00


Time event ended: 14:45


Canteen/Cafeteria: Bottled water, Gatorade, apples, oranges and grilled cheese.


Other services offered: First-aid


Activities offered: n/a


Challenges you had to run a successful event: • A small staff and student body made it difficult to find enough volunteers. • Large amounts of rain and cold weather made for a wet course.


Summary: Novice boys 1: Jordan Bourdeau (NCHS) – 5:51 2: Dylan Lemieux (Belle-Anse) – 6:12 3: Noah Preston Moore (St. Patrick) – 6:35


Novice girls 1: Cheyenne Wylie (Belle-Anse) – 6:32 2: Noralee Main (NCHS) – 6:35 3: Lacey Flowers (NCHS) – 6:54 Peewee boys 1: Nathan Pointer (NCHS) – 10:18 2: Wyatt Lemieux (Belle-Anse) – 12:16 3: Jacob Coull (NRHS) – 12:56


Peewee girls 1: Khaliah Martin (NRHS) – 13:10 2: Annaelle Smith-Cormier (St. Patrick) – 13:28 3: Ellen Main (NCHS) - 14:11


Bantam boys 1: Alex Grenier (Evergreen) – 15:58 2: Connor Boyle (Belle-Anse) – 17:52 3: Patrick Cahill (St. Patrick) – 22:32


Bantam girls 1: Kayla Drohan (Gaspe) – 19:14 2: Jenna Prince (NCHS) – 19:23 3: Isabelle Belanger (NCHS) – 19:39


Midget boys 1: Jimmy Wall (Evergreen) – 22:30 2: Yohan Roy (Gaspe) – 30:48


Midget girls 1: Jasmine Gifford (NCHS) – 25:22 2: Madison Dorion (Gaspe) – 29:54 3: Brittany Adams (Gaspe) 30:06


Juvenile boys 1: Caleb Gaul (Gaspe) – 24:21 2: Louis-Philipe Bond (Evergreen) – 30:08 3: Jacob Simpson (Gaspe) – 31:21


Juvenile girls 1: Jody Ste-Croix (Gaspe) – 33:20 2: Jessie Aubut-McWhriter (NCHS) – 34:57 3: Catherine Fortin (Gaspe) – 38:10

Recommendations: • Walk the course with all participants and volunteers before races begin to ensure the correct path is known by everyone. • Leave laminated numbered instruction sheets at all major intersections on the course so that volunteers know where they should be located and how to properly direction runners. • Radios at each volunteer station to improve communication.


Host School:  Gaspe Polyvalent


Convenor:   Kerrilee Drohan


Event:   Badminton


Date:  Sunday, May 7


Level:  Elementary     Junior      Senior 


Number of Participants:  approximate 160


Schools Participating:   

Gaspe Polyvalent

Gaspe Elementary

New Carlisle High School

Shigawake Port Daniel School (1 student)

New Richmond High School                              


Number of Teams (if applicable):  ______


Time Event Began:  9:00 AM


Time Event Ended: 5:00 PM


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants): 

The Gaspe Polyvalent Basketball teams ran a small canteen with grilled cheese, hot dogs, juice, Gatorade, water, chips and cookies.


Other Services Offered: 

First Aid Materials available



Activities Offered: 

Badminton played in free courts


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  

The day went extremely well.  Unfortunately, the event was held on a Sunday due to a major event (Grand Defi Batir Ma Region) happening at Gaspe Polyvalent on the Saturday that was originally booked.  The other Saturdays before and after were already booked for another event, so we ad to go with Sunday.  It is also always a challenge when people do not show up, which happened with all of the schools.  In order to minimize the damage to the schedule, we ended up allowing a few players play in three events (replacing a doubles partner who didn’t show up).  This is not ideal but allows the partner who is present to play and minimizes the game changes.

There was a small error of two players with the same last name in different categories that resulted in an incorrect game being played in the Benjamin boys singles category, takin extra time and making both players tired.. It all worked out in the end though


Summary of Event: 

The day went extremely well!  There were no major issues from any participants.  All schools were well represented.


See results attached



Please include both first and last names in registrations.

Try to keep it on the Saturday, is possible. 





Host School:  Gaspe Elementary School


Convenor:   Beryl Boyle/Colleen Drohan


Event:   Mini Basketball


Date:  March 17, 2017


Level:  Elementary     Junior      Senior 



Number of Participants:  136


Schools Participating:    5



Number of Teams (if applicable):  15


Time Event Began:  9 am


Time Event Ended: apprimately 2:10 pm


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants): 




Mini-pizzas                                           $2.00 (an order includes 2 mini pizzas)

Hotdog                                  $1.50

Grill cheese                                          $1.50

Cup of soup                                          $1.00

Yogurt tube                                          $0.75

Cheese stick                                          $0.75

Granola bar                                           $1.00

Juice (can)                                            $1.00

Water                                                     $1.00                     

Other Services Offered: 


Basic first aid (secretary)


Activities Offered: 

There was a movie room, activity/games room, and cafeteria (ping pong) where students spent time between games. 


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  


  • This event ran smoothly.


Summary of Event: 


Schools began to arrive at approximately 8:30 am, the schedule of the event began at 9 am with games running for 10 minutes.  We had established a supervision schedule for all GES staff, which worked well. The schools were given rooms to store their belongings in.  The cafeteria opened immediately and students began to eat immediately as well. The games room and ping pong were more popular than the movie room.  There were almost no behavior issues at all.




  • The weather cooperated, so we did not need to think about cancelling.


  • I am pleased with the participation of the grade 3 students. They were able to handle the freedom of the day and were quite responsible about making it to their games on time.
  • Post game times for parent spectators. We did this on FB.





Host School:  Gaspe Polyvalent


Convenor:   Kerrilee Drohan (but was not there that day)


Event:   Junior and Senior Basketball


Date:  February 13, 2017


Level:  Junior      Senior  



Number of Participants:  approx. 60


Schools Participating:   

Gaspe Polyvalent

New Carlisle

New Richmond



Number of Teams (if applicable):  9 (4 senior and 5 junior)


Time Event Began:  9:00AM


Time Event Ended: 3:30PM


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants): 

Small canteen available – hot dogs, grilled cheese, juice, Gatorade, chips, chocolate bars

Other Services Offered: 



Activities Offered: 



Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  

As always, finding volunteers is always an issue.  Kerrilee was not there so had to count on some students from CEGEP students to come before their classes to show how to score, etc.

IN the junior level, teams were very small, which makes it difficult.  May have to look at changing the format, or combining schools to make a bigger team.


Summary of Event: 

There were a few issues with sportsmanship discussed.  Overall, seemed to go well.  Winners were: Junior Girls - NRHS (only all girls' team and played in the Junior Boys' section), Junior Boys - Gaspe Polyvalent.  Senior section was mixed boys and girls teams and the teams were made up of students from each of the schools participating.



Must be on a day when the French side does not have school.

Each school can send one or two people (students or teachers) who can help with refereeing, timing/scoring or coaching.


This should be completed by the convenor immediately after the completion of an event and forwarded to the person below:




Host:  NRHS.  Tournament held at Ecole Quatre Vents in Bonaventure


Convenor:  Mark Gallibois


Event:  Junior and Senior Mixed Volleyball Tournament


Date:  Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016


Level:  Junior   Senior


Number of Participants:  Junior 27

                                     Senior  56


Schools Participating:  Junior - NCHS, NRHS, Metis Beach, Wejgwapniag

                                  Senior - NRHS, NCHS, Metis Beach, Gaspe Poly


Number of Teams:  Junior  -  4

                             Senior - 9


Time Event Began:  9:30 a.m.


Time Event Ended:  2:30 p.m.


Canteen:  None offered


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  Lack of supervisors and referees. 5 referees from last year's event

                                     were not able to be there.  Next year, I would like to run the event on a Friday, if possible.


Summary of Event:  Senior:  1st  NCHS

                                            2nd  NRHS 1

                                            3rd  NRHS 2


                                Junior:  1st  NRHS

                                            2nd  NCHS

                                            3rd  Metis Beach 







Host School:  NRHS but held in Bonaventure


Convenor:  Mark Gallibois


Event:  Junior and Senior Soccer


Date:  Thursday, October 20, 2017


Level:  Junior Senior


Number of Participants:  56


Schools Participating:  NRHS, NCHS, Wejgwapniag


Number of Teams:  3 Junior, 2 Senior


Time Event Began:  10:00 a.m.


Time Event Ended:  2:00 p.m.


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants:  Cafeteria was offered at the Ecole Quatre Vents (old

                             BPS).  At 11:45 a.m., all participants went in for a 45 minutes lunch break.  Lunch cost $7 for

                             a complete meal.  Two choices - submarine or spare ribs.  Good quality.


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  Had to change the date.  QEHS was unable to come on Thursday


                             because they would miss another day of school and it was not possible to move the event to

                             Friday, Oct. 21. because of ESSB MESA conference.  NRHS Junior Mixed team showed poor

                             sportsmanship,  Beautiful day for soccer.  Decision to play NRHS Sr. girls vs NRHS Sr. boys

                            with 2 girls.


Summary of Events:  NRHS Jr. Mixed won the tournament.  The NCHS girls beat the NRHS boys in the first game,

                           In the second game, the NRHS boys won.  Both Senior teams will receive a banner.  Next year,

                           we may want to consider doing a participation tournament at the Sr. level. 



Host School:  Belle Anse School


Convenor:   Beryl Boyle


Event:   Cycle 1 Mini Olympics/Field Day


Date:  September 29, 2016


Level:  Elementary     Cycle 1  



Number of Participants:  52


Schools Participating:    3



Number of Teams (if applicable):  12


Time Event Began:  9 am


Time Event Ended: approximately 2:00 pm


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants): 


Mini pizza and fruit snacks


Other Services Offered: 


Basic first aid (secretary)


Activities Offered: 

Assorted field day activities on a team rotation (shoe relay, egg toss, three legged race, stilts relay, tug of war, tag etc)


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  


  • Poor weather in the spring 2016 (and no time to reschedule) caused us to reschedule to the fall.


Summary of Event: 


Schools began to arrive at approximately 8:45 am, we had teams and a rotation prepared. Students had a snack and were given the explanation of the day. Then we began the games. After the allotted time it was lunch time and the students all ate inside in the cafeteria and gymnasium of BAS. Following lunch we had two large group games and some free time before distributing ribbons and saying goodbye.




  • It is a good to enlist the help of the older students to be the leader at the various activity stations.
  • Home and School parents provided the lunch and this helped with the coordination of the day.






Host School:  Gaspe Polyvalent


Convenor:   Kerrilee Drohan / Pat Drohan


Event:   Track and Field


Date:  Friday, September 23, 2016


Level:  Elementary     Junior      Senior 


Number of Participants:  approximately 225


Schools Participating:   Gaspe Polyvalent, Gaspe Elementary, Belle Anse, Shigawake-Port Daniel School, Evergreen High School, St. Patrick’s Elementary, New Carlisle High School, New Richmond High School, Riverview, Queen Elizabeth High School, Wejgwapniag


Time Event Began:  9:00AM


Time Event Ended: 4:30 PM


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants): 

The cafeteria was opened at the school, but due to no stoppage for lunch, it is difficult for students to go there (was used for breakfast by those schools sleeping over).  Due to having no lunch break, a canteen was set-up at the Track, offering hot dogs, grilled cheese, pop, juice, Gatorade, water, chips, homemade cookies.


Other Services Offered: 

First Aid (qualified volunteer/some equipment loaned by Fire Department)


Activities Offered: 

No extra activities added

Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  

Having the Track event in September, seems to be a bit more difficult because we cannot count on University students who are home to be volunteers.  Thanks to all schools helping out and some last minute volunteers from Gaspe Poly parents, we were able to have the event run smoothly.


Summary of Event: 

Addition of the Atom category seemed to work out well. 

Addition of the few new events went well.

Gaspe Elementary won the banners for the Atom and Pee Wee categories.

Gaspe Polyvalent were winners of the Bantam, Midget and Juvenile categories.

A few records were broken and records set in all of the new events



Make sure all schedules and sheets are consistent with category names (Bantam, Midget and Juvenile).

Hurdles along Javelin runway.

Make an effort to have healthier options at the canteen (tried a few years ago but did not sell well – time to try again?)

Birthdays written beside entry – suggestion from another teacher at the event


Keep each school responsible for one event.

ESSB Golf Day Sept. 7, 2016 NCHS

Convenor:  David Douesnard


Event:  Introduction To Golf


Date:  Sept. 7, 2016


Level:  Elementary ___   Junior _X_   Senior _X_


Number of Participants:  28


Schools Participating:  


New Carlisle (10) – New Richmond (8) – Gaspe (10


Time Event Began:  _8:30_- Time Event Ended:  _2:15_


Canteen/Cafeteria: Canteen at Golf Club. Sandwiches, hot dogs, refreshments, etc.


Students were given a brief introduction to golf etiquette.  They then were outfitted with clubs and went either to practice hitting an unlimited number of balls on the range or went to try putting.  After this they went on the course to try out their skills and to get a feel for the game.  Number of supervisors was good.


Very beautiful weather. Extremely warm for this date.


Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event: None.  There were a couple of close calls on the driving range as two different students had their clubs fly out of their hands and go sailing through the air, landing amongst others on the range.  This was most likely attributable to the hot weather which caused their hands to be sweating.



Recommendations:  Despite recommendations to make day more competitive, it didn`t work out as planned.  Students seem to find it hard to play 9 holes despite a mulligan format.  They all seem to get very hungry.