Eastern Shores School Board Sports Committee

About Us

The website here  is an attempt to make sure that all schools and interested people can find information about the sports offered in ESSB and info about the body that looks after these sports.  The site will also have links to groups that will give you information on the sports that we offer in ESSB.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Chairman.  Information on contacting the Chairman can be found under Contacts.  

The Eastern Shores Athletic Committee is a body that attempts to make sure that there are sporting activities offered to the student population of the Eastern Shores School Board.  ESSB is the largest school board, in territory, in Quebec.  It has 18 schools, elementary and secondary, in its territory.  These schools can be found on the Magdalene Islands, the Gaspe Coast, in the Mont-Joli area, the North Shore and in the North of Quebec. 

The committee is made up of representatives from the schools of ESSB.  All schools are invited to send a rep to the annual meeting of the committee that takes place each year in June.  The meeting takes place over two days in Perce.

At the annual meeting, the committee considers an agenda that discusses items that are involved with sports that have taken place, or will take place in the Eastern Shores School Board.  Items such as reports from the years activities, a calendar for the next year, information from Sport Etudiant de l'Est du Quebec, and problems that have come up are discussed at this meeting.

The committee has a constitution that it follows but  it is an advisory body that recommends sports items to ESSB where they will be accept or refused.  The Constitution can be found on the web site.

The Committee has two elected officials which are a Chairman and a Secretary who are elected for a term of 3 years.  Currently, there is only one elected official as the present Chairman has agreed to do the work of the Secretary as well.  The current Chairman, Mr. Pat Drohan, has been in that position for over 30 years.  He was re-elected at the last meeting in Perce, in June of 2013, and will serve in that position for the next three years, with his term ending in June of 2016.  Mr. Drohan also represents ESSB as a delegate to the Sport Etudiant de l'Est du Quebec (RSEQ Est-du-Quebec) and a delegate to the Unite Regionale Loisirs et Sport de la Gaspesie et les Iles de la Madeleine, where he also serves on the "Conseil d'Administration" of this body.  The three positions compliment each other.

The main duty of the committee is to set up a sports' calendar and make sure that these events have a host school, a convenor, make sure that the event runs smoothly, and look at the event once it has been held.

Over the years, the committee has set up a sports' calendar that has seen tremendous participation from the schools in the Eastern Shores School Board.  A variety of events are offered.  The two largest, the annual Track and Field meet and the Soccer Day, sees participation levels of generally over 350 students representing schools from all areas of the school board.  Other sporting events are very well attending.

The types of events offered are the traditional ones of teams representing schools in competition and one that is called participation.  In these events, students from participating schools are mixed on teams.  This was done because of the small population in many schools.  Competition is divided into elementary, for elementary students, junior, for students in Sec. I and II, and senior, for students in Sec. III, IV, and V.  In some events, the Sport Etudiant categories are used - Pee Wee, Benjamin, Cadet (Midget), and Juvenile. The committee sets a calendar that has the following activities:  Golf, Track and Field, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, and Softball.  ESSB is one of the few school boards in Quebec that offers activities for elementary students.  They are involved in Track and Field, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, and Softball.  Over the years, the committee has attempted to have other activities but for certain reasons these are no longer offered, or had to be canceled for varioius reasons.  These activities included Team Handball, Curling, and Floor Hockey.

The committee works hard at making sure that the Eastern Shores School Board has excellent sporting activities available for their schools and students year after year. 

On our Links page, you will find sites that may help you when you are organizing sports in your schools.  They will have rules of the sports that are offered in ESSB, and other information.