Eastern Shores School Board Sports Committee










JUNE, 2016


 MISSION STATEMENT:               To promote the development of mind and body and

                                                            the development of school spirit through 100%

                                                            participation in physical activity and sports.


ARTICLE I:              Name -            The name of the association shall be the “Eastern

                                                            Shores Athletic Conference” – henceforth referred

     to as the E.S.A.C.


ARTICLE II:            Purpose –


                                                Section I:         The purpose of the committee shall be to establish a

                                                            closer relationship among the schools of the ESSB

                                                            through promotion of athletic activities.


                                    Section II:       To relate to our students the vital importance of

                                                            participation, teamwork, and respect of other

                                                            players, coaches, and officials.


                                    Section III:      To create an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fair

                                                            play among the schools of ESSB.                                       


                                                Section IV:      To emphasize the development of individual, and

                                                            team, skills, as well as good character traits among

                                                            participants in ESAC events.


ARTICLE III:           Membership-


                                    Section I:         All schools, which are members of ESSB, shall be

                                                            members of the organization (ESAC), and shall be

                                                            represented on the committee when possible.  Each

                                                            member school shall send one representative to

                                                            ESAC meetings who in turn will become the

                                                            convenor for any event held at this school.  All

                                                            schools will have one vote on items discussed at

                                                            the ESAC Committee meetings.


                                    Section II:       There may be one representative from the ESMC.


                                    Section III:      There may be one representative from the ESSB

                                                            Council of Commissioners.








ARTICLE IV:           Officers and Duties-


                                    Section I:         The officers shall be:

                                                            a) Chairman    

                                                            b) Secretary (if necessary as the Chairman can

                                                            assume this duty)

                                                            c) School Representatives


                                    Section II:       The Chairman and Secretary shall be elected by the

                                                            members of the ESAC Committee from their

                                                            numbers.  Both will be elected every three years.


                                    Section III:      The duties of the Chairman shall be:

1.      to arrange ESAC meetings through the Director

General of ESSB.

2.      to notify all members one week in advance, if

possible, of all meetings

3.      to prepare the agenda for all meetings

4.      to chair the meetings

5.      to carry the tie-breaking vote

6.      any other duties normally attributed to the post


Section IV:      The duties of the Secretary shall be:

1.      to read the minutes of all ESAC meetings

2.      to record the minutes of all ESAC meetings

3.      to publish the minutes for distribution to member schools, all administrators, and directors

4.      to handle any correspondence necessary

5.      to keep records of all ESAC activities

6.      any other duties normally attributed to the post


Section V:       The duties of a host school for an event shall be:

1.      to organize the event in their charge by preparing for overnight stays, setting up canteen facilities for participants, organizing the schedule of games, arranging for referees and other officials for the event

2.      to prepare publicity for the tournament

3.      to provide a written tournament report to the chairman within two weeks of the event, or sooner if possible.  All reports will be forwarded to all ESSB schools and will be presented at the annual meeting of ESAC

4.      to include any official complaint, or protest, to be made to the chairman, in the tournament report

5.      in the event there is a major behaviour problem with a student at an ESSB sporting event, it is at the discretion of the convenor, from the host school, to advise the student’s school that the student will be ineligible for the next ESSB sporting event.


ARTICLE V:            Meetings-


                                    Section I:         Meetings shall be arranged in such a way that all

                                                            members may be present.


                                    Section II:       A meeting will be held once a year and will take

                                                            place in the spring of the year.


                                    Section III:     Whenever possible, a one week notice shall be given

                                                            to all members prior to each meeting. 


ARTICLE VI:           Elections-


                                    Section I:       Elections, when necessary, shall be held at the 

                                                          annual general meeting of ESAC.                   


                                    Section II:      Vacancies shall be filled by electing members from

                                                           the committee.


                                    Sections III:    Eligible voters:  1 vote for each school present



ARTICLE VII:         Amendments-


Section I:         The constitution may be amended at the annual general meeting of ESAC by a two-thirds vote of

                        the members present.


Section III:      There must be at least three member schools

                        present for a vote on amendments.






ARTICLE VIII:        Entry of Teams-


                                                            All schools must follow the protocol as defined by

                                                            host school.

                                                            Teams, if requested, must submit a list of

                                                            participants with birth dates.

                                                            All entries must be in at least one week in advance

                                                            of the competitions, or on the date specified by the

                                                            organizing school.

                                                            All information concerning an event, should be sent

                                                            to all ESSB schools one month in advance of the

                                                            competitions.  September events are an exception.




ARTICLE IX:           Competitor Eligibility-


                                    Section I:         To be eligible for competition, a student must be

                                                            registered for courses in an ESSB school.


                                    Section II:       To be eligible for Junior competition, a student

                                                            must be 15 years of age, or under, on September 1st

                                                            of the school year.  To be eligible for Senior

                                                            competition, a student must be 18 years of age, or

                                                            under, as of December 31st of the school year.


                                    Section III:      Teams that combine for team sports, and are ESSB

                                                            schools, and this team wins the competition, will     

                                                            share the costs of a second banner if schools wish.


                                    Section IV:      A player listed as a Junior participant, by age, may

                                                            compete at the Senior level of a sport for that year.

                                                            A player listed as a Senior, by age, may not

                                                            compete in a Junior level of any sport.


Section V:       Some competitions may be exceptions to the above, examples are Track and Field and Badminton.  Age

                        Classifications according to Federation Sport Etudiant may be used.




Section VI:     Wejgwapniag School students are eligible to participate in ESSB sports activities where possible (numbers, time, space, etc. play a role) as they are students in an ESSB feeder school.  They must contact convenor of an event well prior to the date of the event to see if there is room for their participation.  It is the convenor of the event who will make this decision.  In regards to their participation, they must follow all guidelines that ESSB schools must follow.  Their participation will be reviewed at the annual spring meeting of the ESAC.


Section VII:    To allow schools to make teams to participate in some events, numbers will be changed, from provincial rules, in order to allow schools to make at team for participation.


Section VIII:   See Article IV Section 5 for the eligibility of students who exhibit poor behaviour at one event



ARTICLE X:            Protests-


                                    Section I:         All protests, written or verbal, must be made to the

                                                            Chairman, or Secretary, or ESAC, within one week

                                                            of the event.


                                    Section II:       All protests must be signed by the Principal of the

                                                            school, the coach or other officials in charge of the

                                                            team, and forwarded to other schools involved and

                                                            to the Chairman, or Secretary, or ESAC.


                                    Section III:      A protest committee of three impartial members

                                                            from ESAC will be set up to deal with the protest.

                                                            the committee will send their decisions and

                                                            recommendations to ESMC where a final decision

                                                            will be made.


ARTICLE XI:           Participation Cost-


                                    Section I:         There will be no participation costs for ESSB

                                                            Schools as long as ESSB provides a budget for the

                                                            committee to fund the purchase of equipment for



Section II:      Wejgwapniag School will pay an annual fee of $300    

                        to ESSB for their participation in ESSB events.           


Section III:      In regards to schools that combine for team competitions, and if one of the schools is Wejgwapniag School, and if this combined team wins the event, the banner will be awarded to the ESSB school and another banner will be ordered for Wejgwapniag School and will be paid for out the

the fee charged the school for participating in ESSB sports’ events.