Eastern Shores School Board Sports Committee

ESSB Track and Field Sept. 22, 2017 Gaspe Polyvalent School

Host School:  Gaspe Polyvalent


Convener:   Kerrilee Drohan (and Pat Drohan)


Event:   Track and Field


Date:  Friday, September 22, 2017


Level:  Atom (Gr. 3-4 age), Pee Wee (Gr. 5-6 age), Bantam (Gr. 7-8 age), Midget (Gr. 9-10 age) and Juvenile (Gr. 11 age)


Number of Participants:  284


Schools Participating:   

Gaspe Polyvalent

Gaspe Elementary School

Belle Anse School


St. Pat’s

Shigawake-Port Daniel School

New Carlisle High School

New Richmond High School

Escuminac Intermediate School

Queen Elizabeth High School




Time Event Began:  9:00AM


Time Event Ended: 4:45PM


Canteen/Cafeteria (Explain what was offered to participants): 

Canteen with proceeds to Gaspe Poly Basketball teams ($1300+)

-         Hot dogs

-         Grilled cheese

-         Chips

-         Chocolate bars

-         Apples

-         Cheese sticks

-         Granola bars

-         Water

-         Gatorade

-         Juice (cans)

-         Pop


Other Services Offered: 

First Aid Services with two Auxiliary nurse volunteers


Activities Offered: 



Challenges You Had To Run A Successful Event:  

Registrations late and last minute changes.

Some arrived late and missed their first events.

Softball throw scheduling – GES volunteered to run a category in a second spot in order to speed things up.

Possibility of some schools going only by grade levels for categories and not accounting for birthdays (based on the registration forms and grade levels written above the category).

Field events must remember to let athletes continue their event after they have gone to their track events (some gave out ribbons before the athlete was back to finish their field event).


Summary of Event: 

The day went very well and the weather actually cooperated!  There were a number of records broken (many were the new events from last year).  This is event is only possible because of each school volunteering to run an event, as well as many parent/community volunteers.  All events seemed to run smoothly with no real problems pointed out during the day.



-         Atom Softball throw can be done cross field once standing broad jump is over (set up hurdles to block this area

-         Hurdles/barricade around high jump area to keep people off of the back of the mats

-         Birthday check for all record breakers

-         Special Ribbons for Record Breakers