Eastern Shores School Board Sports Committee

Types of Competition for ESSB Events

The Eastern Shores Sports Committee has adopted forms of competition that may differ from other school boards.  This has come about because of the small size of many of the schools in the Eastern Shores School Board.  Because of size, many schools have found it difficult to field teams for many events.

Besides the traditional method of having girls and boys teams in many events, the committee has set up competitions that allow schools to make mixed boys and girls teams in order to participate in events, with a mixed team representing a school in an event.  When a school asks to have a mixed team in an event, and that event is set-up in the traditional way of separate boys' and girls' competitions, then that school would be asked to compete in the boys' section of the competition.

The committee has also adopted a form that is called participation.  This is a type of competition where participants are divided up on teams with other participants from other schools.  Often these are mixed teams of boys and girls, but these could be separate boys and girls team.  This allows students to participate in a competition but not on a school team.  This has worked very well particularly at the elementary level.

The Eastern Shores Sports Committee encourages teams from schools competing against teams from other schools.  The committee also promotes the idea of participation of students in the sports that they wish and that is the reason for the participation form.  

Over the years, these forms of competition, along with the categories, has proved very successful as the participation level has increased over the years, or has remained very stable, even with the decline of the student population in the Eastern Shores School Board.